Polymer Materials - Bachelor/Master/Doctoral Degree


The major includes three directions:novel membrane materials, functional polymer materials, and high performance polymer materials. It aims at training high-level, high-quality, and fully qualified talents in science and technology, which have scientific and engineering knowledge in polymer materials and membrane materials, and can detect and analyze the structure and performance of materials by advanced facilities.

The major forms its own characteristics in polymer materials, especially in advanced and functional polymer materials and hollow fiber separating membrane which has outstanding advantages at home. Notable achievements have been made in the training of talented students especially creative talents and practical talents through the support of advanced superiority, the strengthening of practice sector, the implement of tutorial system and the opening of creative experiments.

The graduates may take up their pursuit in the field of novel membrane materials, functional polymer materials, and high performance polymer materials. They can have a wider choice of jobs in scientific studies, technical development, engineering application, teaching and operation and management.

The major usually lasts four years, and a bachelor degree in engineering can be obtained after graduation. The major has authority over master degrees and doctorate degrees.

Main courses

Polymer Chemistry

Polymer Physics

Polymer Experiment

Polymer Membrane Materials and Engineering

Polymerization Reaction Engineering

Polymer Process Engineering

Polymer Composite Materials

Academic English for Polymer Materials

Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials - Bachelor degree

Founded in 2010, the specialty ofInorganic Nonmetallic Materialsfeatured inorganic powders for the use in functional fibers, high performance batteries, and green building materials. This department emphasized practice education and has constructed seven productive practice bases with large enterprises of battery materials and building materials. We have high-level faculties including five professors, one associate professor and two assistant professors. All the teachers are Ph.D.

The specialty ofInorganic Nonmetallic Materialscultivates senior engineering and technical personnel with solid foundations andexceptional abilities in inorganic nonmetallic materials and materials engineering,who are able to carry out scientific research,technology development, process and equipment design, productive management onstructure characterization, materials fabrication, and materials molding and processingin the field ofInorganic Nonmetallic Materials. After four-year regular studies, the students will be granted bachelor of engineering and can occupy related work in plants of chemical engineering, ceramics, building materials, composites, and batteries.

Main Courses:

Fundamentals of Materials Science

Modern Methods of Materials Characterization

Inorganic Nonmetallic Material Engineering

Fundamental pyrologyofInorganic Nonmetallic Materials

Synthetic Chemistry of Inorganic Materials

Materials Process and Design

Powder Technology

Electrochemical Energy Storage: Materials and Devices

Physical Propertoes of Inorganic Materials

Advanced Inorganic Materials

Inorganic Fibers